Help her to get better Toilet Conditions and Less diseases.

Cleaning Toilets without any protective gear can cause many diseases.

Help us help you to provide better toilet Conditions in our country.

Help These People So They Can Get Better Toilet Conditions and Less Diseases which are caused by open Defecation.

Are Toilets on Highways really Clean?

Finding a clean and hygienic public toilet in India is almost as difficult as trying to find water on Mars! Public toilets are usually very poorly maintained and not easily accessible. It gets even worse when one is traveling. On Indian highways, toilets are mostly found in petrol stations or in restaurants, where maintenance is again mostly a miss in reality

Women especially bear the brunt of this lack of clean public toilets as many public toilets are too dirty, unhygienic to use, lack water or do not offer adequate privacy with broken doors or latches. This compels them to either restrict their water or food intake or risk open urination and defecation, all of which can lead to adverse health outcomes. A recent study found that open defecation by pregnant women leads to a higher risk of adverse birth outcomes in India.

We, at WOWlet, are striving to make travel by road safer and more convenient by providing Clean and Sanitized washrooms on highways across India.

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