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A "WOW" Toilet experience to anywhere and everywhere you go. A clean toilet will only be 10 minutes away. A business promoting all travellers to remain carefree and put an end to their everyday worries of finding a good toilet.


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  • Identify a renowned Restaurant & Petrol pump on the highway
  • Speak to the owner & identify the problems around maintenance
  • Give them solutions like Eco Friendly cleaning products to remove fowl smell, Janitor training, Monthly auditing & Janitor professional dress
  • Setup our WOWLET retail outlet and sell products like Toilet Seat Sanitiser, Sanitary Napkins, Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser etc
  • Setup Advertising platform for Brands to get there visibility from upto 10000 daily visitors.


  • 2.4billion
    People in the world lack access to good public sanitation
  • 5.8 million
    Toilets were built last year, but only a few remain in usable condition
  • 98%
    Women travellers ask for more toilets on highways
  • 56%
    Travellers demand disabled friendly toilets while 37% require feeding rooms for women.


We are a group dynamic and passionate of folks driven towards providing the best sanitation facilities across the country. We are the first internationally funded private limited company that is into the business of providing clean and dry toilets across the length and breadth of the country. We are a diverse team of CA, Businessman and Management Consultant. We believe the avid Indian traveller today, faces with a big challenge of finding decent public washroom during their journey. This also makes a lot of foreign travellers refuse to travel to India. Great toilets form the basics of our overall well being.


  • Akshay Punjabi CEO & CO_FOUNDER

    Worked with School industry in Footprints Education as an Expansion Manager and Partner for 6 year and started 31 schools in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida & Lucknow. Also trained and led life skill programs for more than 10 years.
  • Manika - Founder & Investor

    Qualified chartered accountant, and a Commerce Graduate from University of Delhi with over 5 years of experience in tax and advisory and handling regulatory matters in India.
  • Rakesh - Founder &

    Successful Entrepreneur currently living in California, USA and running a IT Company of more than 300+ employees.
  • Roopanshi - Founder

    Successful Enterpreneur who is empowering Women by providing employment . Runs a Branch of Footprints Childcare. Giving peace of mind to 100's of Parents by taking care if there kids.

Our Future


Decent Public convenience is something very basic necessity which, sadly, is a very neglected area in our country... Much needed initiative.. would be glad to contribute in any which way possible!!!

Deepak Alva

Company Name: VVF LTD
Designation: Former Associate Vice President

This is a brilliant intiative!! It is much needed in India! You guys are doing a wonderful project! Best of luck to Wowlet Team and I hope this service spreads and gets more popular day by day!

Nalini Lakhtakia

Company Name: BPO